Rattan Changing Basket
Rattan Changing Basket
Rattan Changing Basket
Rattan Changing Basket

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Rattan Changing Basket

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  • Our Rattan baby changing basket is a stylish and practical solution for changing your baby
  • It's portable nature means you can change baby in your Nursery on top of drawers, your kitchen / dining table or bedroom floor (just make sure you don't carry baby in the basket!) 
  • Unlike other Change baskets on the Market, this comes with a soft mattress (not just a liner) so that you can also use this for daytime sleeps for your baby in your living room to allow you to keep a close eye on your baby
  • It's also easy to put into the back of your car for changing baby on the run
  • Once baby is out of nappies the mattress can be removed and these transform into beautiful baskets for your bathroom to store towels, lotions and more. Or as a coffee table display basket for magazines & more!

The Change basket mattresses are custom made slightly thicker for your baby's comfort. Not just a standard thin liner like most brands... our tailors hand sew a soft foam layer between the cotton muslin to ensure your baby will be comfy during change time (total mattress thickness is 1.5cm). The added bonus of this is that you can also lay your baby to sleep for daytime naps in our basket so you get more use from it.

The total width of Our Change basket is also wider than a standard change basket to allow your baby more room to stretch during change time!

Measurements - 75cm Long, 50cm Wide, 8cm Deep

We Recommend that you never leave your baby unsupervised during change time. Keep everything you need within arm’s reach when changing your baby, and always keep one hand on your bub while they are in the changing basket - especially if it's on a high surface such as a kitchen counter top or dining table.